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shrink sleeves on different bottles


Shrink Sleeve Labels
Faster Lead Times 

RBD is Better than Ever! RBD Packaging (formerly known as R.B. Dwyer) is now a part of Formosa Packaging.


Operated Since 1988

RBD Packaging was founded on April 1, 1988, by the late Ray B. Dwyer, Dorothy Dwyer, and James B. Dwyer. Since then, we have focused on providing excellence in custom shrink sleeves and preform bands to multiple industries– ranging from pharmaceutical, automotive, produce, craft beer, and more. 

With our years of experience, we'll be able to create the perfect packaging solution for your brand!

Packaging Products

shrink sleeve on can

Shrink Sleeves

Get your product noticed with fully-printed shrink sleeves. For immeasurable shelf presence in coolers, on shelves, kiosk or end-aisle displays, printed sleeves allow a comprehensive and total marketing and packaging solution.

preform band around container

Preformed Bands

Preformed bands provide a secure, tamper-evident seal that easily molds around your products. Applied manually, preforms are pre-molded to the specific shape of your container to form a "lip" and "skirt", making placement on your product  efficient.

neck band on sauce bottle

Neck Bands

Mono-axially oriented heat shrinkable film used in packaging and labeling available in several grades of PVC as well as PET–providing printability and shrinkability that is excellent for full body labels, tamper-evident bands, and cap seals.

shrink bands

Flat Shrink Bands

Cut bands are used to seal a wide array of products. Cut bands are available in seamed and seamless tubing (PVC, PET, PLA, and OPW). We offer and configuration required, including options for perforation for consumer convenience.

multi-pack covering four bottles


Whether providing tamper-evidence bundling, product promotion, or protection, our customizable multi-packs will deliver. Available in clear or fully-printed with rotogravure or flexographic technology in up to 10 colors.

dome bag

Dome Shrink Bags

Our dome shrink bags–also known as shrink bags–provide protection and integrity, while still allowing customers to have maximum visibility of your brand's product. Comes in a variety of sizes and is made from PVC or Polyolefin.

plain cans against flag



Craft Brew logo
Craft Brew Alliance

R.B. Dwyer Group has been a great partner during extraordinarily challenging times in the industry. Their team is responsive, flexible and solutions-oriented. They are focused on continuous improvement and quality – two of our most important values as a company – in all areas of their operations. From customer service, to technical support, to senior management, R.B. Dwyer Group embodies the craft beer spirit of camaraderie and community.

coronado brewing logo
Coronado Brewing

"I would like to thank you two and the entire R.B. Dwyer Group team again for expediting the wrapped cans so we could meet our deadlines. You guys were a fundamental part of us getting this done and we want to thank you for your hard work. I am reaching out because we would like to give the R.B. Dwyer Group a social media shoutout today with the announcement of our release. Again, thank you guys so much!"

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